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The Power Stroke engine has proven itself to be a big player in the diesel world and we can help make sure it stays your  MVP. The 7.3 L was a great work horse and displayed International/Navistar's craftsmanship in the best manner. Many times we hear mechanics say "A 6.0L Power Stroke engine cannot be fixed."  The truth is, a 6.0L is a magnificent platform . Don't be fooled by mechanics that say to delete your EGR cooler. An EGR cooler is important to your turbocharger and could turn catastrophic if  ignored or deleted. With a few key components and knowledgeable technicians at Neal's Repair Service your 6.0L will be the dependable equipment you need to get the job done day after day. The 6.4L and 6.7L Power strokes are packed full of technology, but government regulated emissions  place a huge damper on performance and dependability if not maintained. Whether your needs are performance or getting the job done Neal's Repair  Service is the name to remember.                                                                                                                     



Call us today and schedule your complete 6.0L remote mount oil cooler install or bulletproof kit!

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